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Mission Statement:

"Art For All Canada (AFAC)  is a not-for-profit, social enterprise whose mission is to help artists to develop their skills through educational programs and to help them to market their works without paying commissions - through galleries and art shows - at the lowest cost to the artist and the lowest cost to the buyer . join our e-mail list

Our Goal is to have affordable genuine, original art in every Canadian office and home by 2020.

AFAC works with local artists and sponsors to produce and maintain changing original art collections for display in public places for the pleasure of all. These art collections, which can vary in size and theme provide a continually changing supply of beautiful images to adorn selected walls / display cases.

 The idea for this unique service comes from Sheila J. Mitchell, herself an artist and Vice President at where she has been in charge of IT event logistics since 1989. Sheila has served 4 years as a volunteer President of North York Visual Artists and is a member of and volunteer with various other art groups and associations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

According to Sheila, "Artists are always looking for places to show their work but often gallery space is limited and commission fees too high. Art For All Canada charges no commissions to artists and arranges for their work to be seen and enjoyed in business and public settings, thanks to our sponsors."

The Staff
Sheila is supported in all the business aspects of running this ART service by husband and business partner Alwyn; in graphics design by elder daughter Katherine; the web workers at three fingers productions and, last but not least, by Charlie, their beloved Labrador Retriever dog, as Chief of Security, of course.

to find out how to show your work, for free (almost):
We have the lowest-cost display opportunities, so if you are interested in showing your art -- paintings, sculptures, metalwork, woodwork, textiles -- at our host locations in and around Toronto for a very small installation / maintenance fee, go to our Artists Info page or email Sheila to discuss.

to find out more about helping the arts by hosting an AFAC exhibit, go to Hosting

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Art for All Canada :   helping artists to develop and market their works