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AFAC Art Shows at Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) 2010, 2009

Summer Art Show at CNE Canadian National Exhibition  (the 'Ex') Toronto 2010
"Arts and Crafts Building" ~ 20th August - 6th September, 2010
  artists showing their works are listed in alpha order -
Type of artist: White for Visual Artists and Green for Formed Art, Blue for Photographer:

Catalog of works being displayed at CNE 2010 in Art For All Canada booth

Art for All Canada Booth at Arts & Crafts Building, CNE 2010

Artist Name

  Meet the Artist at the CNE

Barbara Ariss

  4-10pm, 5th September

Ivo Arnadova

  4-10pm, 31st August

Adel Bishai

  10-4pm, 24th August

Magda Bishai

  4-10pm, 24th August

Ilene Brass

  10-4pm, 20th August

Suzie Boudreault

  10-4pm, 26th August

Linda Brubacher

  10-4pm, 25th August

Keith Burnett

  10-4pm, 20th August

Homer Calliwag

  10-4pm, 31st August

Honor Cohen

  10-4pm, 2nd September

 Ruth Devor

  10-4pm, 4th September

 Maria Drazilov

  4-10pm 1st September

Helen Duplaisse

  4-10pm 6th September

Margaret Farrar

  10-4pm, 28th August

Terry Golletz

  4-10pm, 23rd August

Deb Grise

  10-4pm, 2nd September

Alain Guillou

  4-10pm, 21st August

Birte Hella

  Not Available

Thomas Hirsz

  4-10pm, 27th August

Gigi Horvath

  4-10pm, 22nd August

Irene Hung

  10-4pm, 22nd August

Jean James

  10-4pm, 27th August

Katy Jarvis

  10-4pm, 1st September

Henna Kim

  4-10pm, 30th August

Malcolm Leach

  10-4pm, 30th August

Diana Lee

  10-4pm, 29th August

Claudette Losier

  4-10pm, 28th August

Sheila Mitchell

  10-4pm 1st September

Micheline Montgomery

  10-4pm, 23rd August

Bhupi Rajput

  Not available

Micky Renders

  4-10pm on 26th August

Ross Rheaume

  10-4pm, 21st August

Heidi Rogers

  10-4pm, 3rd September

Shari Seymour

  10-4pm, 6th September

Lynda Throop

  4-10pm, 3rd September

Barbara Van Sickle

  4-10pm, 4th September

Julita Wolanska

  4-10pm, 5th September

Doug Zest

  4-10pm, 29th August


 Summer '09 Art Shows

CNE 2009
Canadian National Exhibition  (the 'Ex') Toronto 2009
"At Home" Pavillion, Hall A, Direct Energy Centre,
Booths 2333 and 2432
behind the main stage
21st August - 7th September, 2009
artists who appeared include:

   Sheila Mitchell - Aug 21                       Julia Kendall - Aug 21 + 30                     David Vasquez - Aug 22-23                Janusz Wrobel - Aug 22-25

  Kristina Gustavson - Aug 24-25             Alwyn Mitchell - drum demo Aug 25            Helen Duplassie  - Aug 26                    Amy Shackleton  - Aug 26

      Rami Lasman - Aug 27-28                        Susan Lapp - Aug 27-28                         Linda Stanley - Aug 29

          Pat Bond - Aug 31                              Ivan Trotter - Sept 1                                Ruth Devor - Sept 2                                    Elana Henderson - Sept 2
       Tina Newlove - Sept 3  Svitlana Pryhodko - Sept 3                    Camelia Stancu - Aug 30 + Sept 4              Raven Chartrand - Sept 4-5
                  Barb Symons - Sept 6                                  Heather Gentleman - Sept 6                               Joya Paul - Sept  5 + 7     



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