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Art For All Canada presents
AFAC 2009 Conference for Artists
Saturday, March 14th, 10am-4pm daily
Metro Hall (between Wellington and King Streets), Toronto
Not-for-profit Events for artists by artists

"Comments" on AFAC 2009 Conference from some of the 120 artists attending:

"Congratulations on your very successful conference, I thought it was an outstanding success and will look forward to next year." Presenter: Doug Purdon, Winsor & Newton

"Thank you for the great event you had organised! Bravo! Artist need to meet people and talk about their profession. All speakers where very knowledgeable. Thank you again and I hope our meetings will be more often".
Delegate: Valeria Mravyan

"Just wanted to congratulate you for today's well organised event and to tell you that it was a pleasure to meet you".
Presenter: Bianka Guna

"I enjoyed the conference today, a lot of great information" Delegate: Stella Wadsworth

"This morning I am reading all (of the information that) I have collected yesterday! I did enjoyed it very much!
You have found interesting people with lots of pertinent knowledge we need"!
Delegate: Martine Simard

"Thank you so for the opportunity to provide the lecture "Make Your Mark" at the AFAC Conference yesterday. From the enthusiasm I feel it was a hit, and from the questions artist art hungry for information on artist materials and techniques ... please keep us mind for next year's conference".
Presenter: Ed S Brickler, Canson Paper.

"I really enjoyed the conference - it was very informative". Delegate: Henry Lamb

"Today's conference is a very successful one and thank you very much". Delegate: Irene Hung.

"I'd also like to thank Sheila Mitchell for mounting such a helpful and informative conference. Platforms like this are an essential resource for artists trying learn about the ins and out of our industry ... I was very impressed with a lot of things presented in this conference ... this was all packaged with a full days program of lectures, panels, workshop demos and product showcases. For the attendees it was a ton of information and insight and I'm sure every person who attended, from the experience seasoned artist to the emerging artist left with knowledge that they previously didn't have before ... I look forward to the next one and when that happens I truly hope it is a show that develops a voice and a reputation that can be shared by artists all across Canada". Presenter: Glenn Bernabe.

Conference 2009 Agenda.

          14th March only
         Track 1 in Room 308  
         Art For All

14th March only
  Track 2 in Room 314           
Painting and Sculpting             

8-10am Artists Set up Art Show in the Rotunda

10:15    Welcome and Opening announcements at Rotunda
              Sheila J. Mitchell,  Executive Director, Art For All Canada, Inc.

10:30    Conference starts on 3rd Floor

Track 1  - Room 308 -  Art For All    
10:30    What is Paint? by Doug Purdon

11:30    Colour & Design. Understanding Colour and Colour Trends, Colour & Design Trends
                by Michael Pacitti

12:00  Networking Lunch Break - visit the Art Show in the Rotunda

1:00     Colour & Design. Part 2. Understanding Design Trends by Michael Pacitti

1:30    "Make Your Mark"- Discovering the facts about your paper - Ed Brickler.

2:15    ARTIFY - New Partnerships in Art Marketing by Susan L. Brown

3:00    Grants for Artists: an introduction to alternative funding; by Catherine X Blank 
            Marketing Strategies for Artists by Tiffany Joy Villahermosa, VAO

3:30    "What Galleries Want from Artists":  Roundtable discussion, moderated by Catherine X Blank
            featuring artists  Christian Bernard Singer , Kathryn Bemrose and Tiffany Joy Villahermosa


Track 2  - Room 314  - Painting and Sculpting
10:30    A Studio View of Public Art (sculpture); by Ruth Abernethy

11:15    Demonstration: Abstract Watercolour Painting Wet-On-Wet; by Bianka Guna

12:00    Networking Lunch Break - visit the Art Show in the Rotunda

12:45    Oil Painting for the 21st Century; by Doug Purdon, Winsor and Newton

1:45      The characteristics and advantages of water soluble oils; by John Stuart Pryce

2:30      An Introduction to Pastel & Portrait Demo by Glenn Bernabe

3:15      Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman! by Phil (the Forecaster) Chadwick.


Track 1 - Art For All

Audience Suitable: All
Title of Presentation: "What is Paint?" (sponsored by Winsor and Newton).
This presentation will focus on the history of artists' materials and pigments. You will learn their working properties and how you can use them to the best effect in your paintings. Special attention will be given to the archival properties of Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour.
Presented by: Doug Purdon   
Doug Purdon is a full time painter and a member of the SCA, and OSA. He is currently the Educational Advisor for Winsor and Newton and teaches at Loyalist College and the School of Continuing Studies - University of Toronto. His work is exhibited in galleries in Canada, US and Britain.

Audience Suitable: All
Title of Presentation: Colour & Design. Part 1. Understanding Colour and Colour Trends
Here we will focus on color. You'll find out how and where stylish and traditional colors have been used in art over the past 100 years, giving you a solid understanding of how to forecast the next big trends. You'll also discover innovative techniques for determining specific color themes and variations as well as helpful tips for successfully guiding you  through the color selection process. Now's your chance to learn a lot more about color and the color trends.
Presented by: Michael Pacitti, Fotiou Frames.
Michael's association with the Color Marketing Group including 25 plus years of involvement with the Fine Art, Framing and Photography industry has led to these seminars and workshops reaching North America, China & Europe.

12:00    Networking Lunch Break - visit the Art Show in the Rotunda

1:00:  Colour & Design. Part 2. Understanding Design Trends
Here you will understand the influence of design on custom framing. You'll see various design styles from the past 100 years that have been used for picture frames, art, interior motifs, and more. You'll also take a closer look at the history of the "Picture Frame" and its unique array of moulding patterns, including when and where they originated. As well, you will be able to recognize the difference between architectural and furniture moulding designs, and how to effectively use specific motifs while working with custom frames. Studying these designs will help you better identify the right moulding for Photographic art, images, canvas art, etc. Included in this program are handout reference materials, Official Color & Design Certificate, and full session of the workshop on CD and a professional DVD program of "The History of The Picture Frame" This DVD is a 29 minute pictorial covering the last 600 years of the Picture Frame with Baroque musical background, illustrations, Motif definitions and colourful Photography.
Presented by: Michael Pacitti, Fotiou Frames.
Michael's association with the Color Marketing Group including 25 plus years of involvement with the Fine Art, Framing and Photography industry has led to these seminars and workshops reaching North America, China & Europe.

Audience Suitable: Artists who use paper for pencil or pastel drawing or painting.
Title of Presentation: "Make Your Mark"- Discovering the facts about your paper
How to choose the paper that's best for your art? This presentation has the answers you need and will discuss: * Paper Making and Paper Materials * Weight & Texture * Achievability * Sizing * A Review of Paper Choices * Paper Applications * Digital Papers
Presented by: Ed Brickler
Ed is a working artist and has been an art materials consultant for over twenty years. His previous employment included MacPherson's, Koh-I-Noor and Grumbacher in many sales related positions, but always served as a technical consultant. Ed has lectured in over 150 art schools in North America on materials and techniques, has also taught drawing and painting, and has conducted color mixing, pen & ink, painting, and composition workshops. He has also lectured and traveled extensively in Europe and served as a consultant for many art museums including the Tate Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art, and the Getty Museum. Brickler has published many articles in The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and Art Materials Today. He was also a contributing editor for Grumbachers Palette Talk, and has been acknowledged in more than a dozen art books for his contributions. Ed's formal art education was received at Moravian College, in Bethlehem, PA.,  and Baum School of Art, in Allentown, PA.

Audience Suitable: Visual Artists, Artists' Associations, Designers, Publishers, Arts Acquisition and Rental user groups
Title of Presentation:  Artify : Artist-based Networking and Marketing Partnerships
An introduction to a new venture in marketing Canadian artists' work, Artify has been established to represent artists to a wide range of client groups through partnering with a consumer club. Join a discussion around marketing art in non-traditional settings.
Presented by: Susan L. Brown
Susan is a visual artist and arts educator. Her work has been exhibited  at the Market Gallery at St. Lawrence Market and at Miles Nadal Center in Toronto. She founded the Artists' Garden Cooperative www.artistsgardencoop.com in 2000 which promotes artists-run summer workshops and arts conferences for adult learners.

Audience Suitable: Beginning, emerging and mid-career artists
Title of Presentation: Grants for Artists: an introduction to alternative funding
This presentation provides an introduction to alternative funding and is an overview of the grants available to artists of varying career levels. Structured on the "who, where, when and how"  questions about funding sources, we will examine some sources of accessible funding, where to find them, the types and levels of grants and, most important, the process of applying.
Presented by: Catherine X Blank
Catherine is a Toronto-based artist, working primarily in graphite, book arts, cast paper and oils. A graduate of Brock University's Visual Arts program, her recent activities include both solo and group exhibitions, primarily in the Toronto area and Oregon. Her works are represented in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe.
This presentation Includes Marketing Strategies for Artists by Tiffany Joy Villahermosa, VAO

Audience Suitable: All
"What Galleries Want from Artists":  Roundtable panel discussion featuring artists: 

Christian Bernard Singer, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design; received his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University; and teaches sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Toronto School of Art. As well, Singer has managed grant application programs for both The Canada Council and the Ministry of Culture and Communications (Ontario); was Director of the 2005 Contemporary Art Forum - Kitchener and Area (CAFKA); Curator and Associate Director of Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art; and has served as board member to several arts organizations. He is director of Rouge Contemporary Projects.

Kathryn Bemrose, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and a Member Royal Canadian Academy of Art (R.C.A.) Kathryn is a Toronto artist who has been painting professionally for more than twenty years. Bemrose is one of the finest colourists painting today and her knowledge, experience and clear communications makes her a natural fit for this roundtable. Kathryn is a member of staff at Woolfitt's Art Supplies.

Tiffany Joy Villahermosa, received a bachelor degree of Fine Arts, Visual Arts from York University in 1998. Villahermosa’s creations have graced various exhibitions, and fundraising events, throughout North and Central America. Villahermosa also devotes herself to making a difference in the lives of others through various art commitments especially her work as an arts educator, with Arts For Children and Youth. Tiffany is with Visual Arts Ontario.
Roundtable Moderated by Catherine X Blank.


Track 2 - Painting and Sculpting      
Audience Suitable: All
Title of Presentation: A Studio View of Public Art
This presentation of images illustrates the stages, method and fabrication of numerous public art portraits and installations plus offerings from the artist's own studio creations.
Presented by: Ruth Abernathy
Ruth grew up in rural Ontario. Her passion for art, design and travel led to twenty years of professional prop making for theatre and film throughout Canada. This was a perfect apprenticeship for her solo art practice, begun in 1996 with an introduction to lost wax casting in bronze.

Audience Suitable: Adult Intermediate to Established Watercolour painters, art groups, art suppliers, art book publishers.
Title of Presentation: DEMONSTRATION Abstract Watercolour Painting Wet-On-Wet
The demonstration will start with images of Bianka Guna's works in a power point presentation of  20 minutes, then she will demonstrate her approach to paint abstraction wet-on-wet  for about 40 minutes.
Abstract Watercolour Wet-on-Wet Painting on Cold Pressed 200lb Saunders Waterford Paper Presentation. This abstraction painting class is designed for the intermediate and advanced painters who want to take  their work to a higher level, using the same rules of composition, design, colour harmony, texture using  materials in their studio, to create a new contemporary look for their creations. This presentation will provide  instruction and information about the use of colour and surface (w/c paper, Yupo paper, canvas) in painting w/c and /or fluid acrylic abstract as the artist's works from "Dreams", "Winter", "Relative Reality" collections.
Presented by: Bianka Guna.
Bianka actively participates in various artist groups, shows, and communities. Her previous art knowledge comprised of graduating as an illustrator from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota (where she was also elected "Graduate of the Year" in 2007).  Bianka is the winner of many distinguished awards. Her work can be found worldwide (Romania, Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK, Canada, and the USA) in many private and corporate collections.

12:00:     Lunch Break - visit the Art Show in the Rotunda

Audience Suitable: Oil painters
Title of Presentation: OIL PAINTING for the  21st CENTURY:
Learn about the new exciting paints and mediums you can use in your oil paintings. You will learn the proper painting practices required to produce an archival painting and how to use mediums to control paint handling characteristics and drying times. Proper preparation and type of supports will be covered.
Presented by: Doug Purdon 
Doug Purdon is a full time painter and a member of the SCA, and OSA. He is currently the Educational Advisor for Winsor and Newton and teaches at Loyalist College and the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto. His work is exhibited in galleries in Canada, US and Britain.

Audience Suitable: Watercolour painters
Title of Presentation: The characteristics and advantages of water-soluble oils.
This presentation will explore the advantages of working with an oil paint without the use of harmful solvents.
Presented by: John Stuart Pryce 
John's love for art began at a very early age, as he discovered the great satisfaction derived from his ability to draw and paint. He continued developing his artistic interests, and eventually became an art major at the highly acclaimed H.B. Beal Tech. in London, Ontario. Since that time John has worked and studied in Montreal, Chicago and Toronto. During a successful career as an architectural illustrator, his work was used in projects around the world. His seemingly loose yet eloquent technique is the result of years of experience in the disciplines of drawing, colour and composition. John currently divides his time between painting and sharing his artistic knowledge with others through his painting workshops. "The purest and most rewarding form of painting, in my opinion, is "en plein air" as it challenges all of the skills and discipline of the artist".

Audience Suitable: All ages
Title of Presentation: An Introduction to Pastel & Portrait Demo
This demo will focus on the foundations of pastel painting with an emphasis on proper handling, ground and support options.  A portrait demonstration will give examples of application and usage.
Presented by: Glenn Bernabe
Glenn Bernabe is a graduate of OCAD and a member of Pastel Artists Canada. He was awarded The Grand Prize at The PAC Juried Show in 2008. In 2003 he made Top 100 in the Pastel Journal Magazine's Pastel 100.  He has taught workshops in pastel to artists since 2003.

Audience Suitable: All interested in art with a science twist.
Title of Presentation: Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman!
The art of Tom Thomson is used to prove that he was indeed a weatherman. The proof is the predominance of his art that features weather and sometimes very obscure cloud formations. Tom painted all types of clouds and precipitation and this occupies a large portion of his creations.
Presented by: Phil (the Forecaster) Chadwick
Phil Trained at Queen's University as a nuclear physicist and "Phil the Forecaster" has been a professional meteorologist since 1976.  However, painting has been his passion forever. Phil paints what he knows best: weather, nature, canoes and his family. There aren't enough hours in the day to record the inspiration that abounds. 


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