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         4 in 1 Art Shows at Rainbow Market Square Cinemas, Market Square, opposite St. Lawrence Market,  80 Front Street East, Toronto

                                   Ever wonder who created the piece you really liked? here is a glimpse of the artists ~

NOTICE: as of November 1, 2009 our artists are being featured in the "Exhibitions" part of our website
and also on our Facebook account

September 2009 - Celebrating the Film Festival - Displays feature:
                                     Hilda Hildahinojosa  - display A                          Susan Caron -  display C                                       Jason Bellchamber  - display  D

           August 2009 - Displays feature:


Barbara Ariss - display A                                   Amy Roger - display B                       Roxanne Jervis -  display C          Quin McColgan - display  D

July 2009 - Displays feature:

  Soudabeh Majidi - display A                     Gary Crawford - display B              Silvana Madueno -  display C               
 June 2009 - Displays feature:
Michelle Josephi - display A                         Mary Brule - display B                    Anita Brooks -  display C          
   Sheila Mitchell - display  D

          May 2009 - Displays feature:

       Raquel Aurini - display A                     Renata Shishkova - display B                   Rod Paget  - display C                      Pat Vicari  - display D

April 2009 - Displays feature:
Seonaid Ross - artist display A            
 Lynda Kelly - artist display B                      Ruth Hartman - artist display C            Charles Weiss - artist display D

 March 2009 - Displays feature:
Seonaid Ross - artist display A                                          Diane Feaver + Parry Sound - artists display B           Willy Schenk - sculptor display D

February 2009  - Displays feature:
Ray Ferris - artist display A                      Sheila Mitchell - artist display B         Diane Feaver - artist display C             Fran Bouwman - sculptor display D

December 2008 - January 09  - Displays feature:
Renate Nadi Wesley - artist display A          Karin Lapins - artist display B                             Jane Adams - artist display C   Tony Stapells - sculptor display D

November 2008 - Displays featured:       
Sue Nelson - artist display A    Jane Fick - artist display A       
Jennifer Hinrichs - display B   Myra Evans -artist display C   Eileen Millen - sculptor display D

                                                      October 2008 - Displays featured:                                                           
Anne Dalton - display A        Marilyn Fielding/Mark Yong Kee - display B  Jennifer Hinrichs/Myra Evans - display C  Kari Reynolds - display D

September 2008 displays featured:
Stephen Snider - display A          Terry Golletz - display B +C          Gabriella Fischer - display D

August  2008 displays featured:
Ulla Nystrom - display A                 Ida Regio - display B                       Walt Chaisson - display C               Maia Heissler - display D

March  2008 displays featured:
Celeste Keller - display A              
Donald J Agopsowitcz - display B     Catherine Blank - display C             Dan Monaghan - display D

February 2008 - Displays featured:
Julie Nierenberg
- display A      Donald J Agopsowitcz   - display B        Anita Brooks - display C          Dan Monaghan - display D


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