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Peter Adamson is a professional photographer creating impressionistic photographs from every landscapes.
Silvana Andersson abstact paintings with movement in colour with an emphasis on the heart.
Dara Aram contemporary painter of abstract forms and mythological themes that emerge on his canvas.
Barbara Ariss abstract paintings with texture and movement to release the spirit.
Edith Kliesch-Arndt paints classical landscapes. 
Raquel Aurini abstract paintings that emphasize emotions, opinions, or ideas into our brains and beyond.

Arlene Babad paintings of florals and landscapes on canvas and clothing.
Janet Bailey a painter who captures personality of animals and people in a comical and quizzical way.
David Barron  paintings stem from love of landscapes and the positive and negative space found in ordinary things such as a stand of trees against a sky.
Jason Bellchamber goldsmithing Celtic Artifacts and rediscovery ancient techniques of Celtic Metal-smiths and Artisians used to create their masterpieces.
Andrew Benyei  contemporary sculptures explore the human condition an emotional response to the intricate and complex interactions of people.
Nathalie Bertin  abstract paintings inspired by the Métis culture and specifically its symbols.
Ioana Bertrand, most of her work is inspired primarily by nature, whose infinite variety and textures she transforms and reinterprets.
Catherine X Blank drawings with a refreshing way of looking at the life around us from fruit in a bowl to the birds in the garden.
Justin Blayney abstract visual artist and website designer uses geometric shapes to create optical illusions and bright thought provoking contemporary art
 Robert Bocking  paintings and photographs celebrating birds and the landscapes that surround us.
April Bodiam  visions of a painting come to her as pictures in her imagination and are often inspired through nature and/or when in a meditative state.
Clare Bonnell a painter who specializes in animal portraiture using Oil and Graphite.
Fran Bouwman is a sculptor who draws inspiration from contemporary figurative bronze sculptors while using the materials and tools of the traditional wood carver.
Joanne Braganza  paints in oils, captures Irish landscapes with a natural image and shares Henry Moore’s love of sheep which she include in her paintings.
Scott Brewster sketches and paints; he works out of 'The Workshop Gallery' in East York, Toronto.
Arowna Brooks mixed media depiction of people in life and living day to day experiences.
Janice Brown paintings, jewellery and fabric design with vitality with vivid colour and texture and alive
Mary Brule  is a portrait painter who expresses thoughts of people in action with a hope for the future.
Mark Burnham photographer who travels with his camera and brings a new dimension to the foreign landscapes that we know.
Pam Burt  paintings of floral and landscapes with a muted restful feeling.
Doug Butler, creates stone sculptures in abstract and representational styles and is particularly interested in the interactions of positive and negative space.

Homer Caliwag a Filipino photographer whose work studies birds in flight and at rest.
Nora Camps painter who renders expressionistic depictions of time, place and energy in an abstract mixed media style.
Susan Caron paints abstracts in multi-media with a flow of movement and texture.
Carmela Casuccio abstract painting creates loose and imaginary images of cityscapes with reflections.
Mario Cerroni  creates images of cities, villages and rural scenes capturing the feeling of life within.
Walt Chaisson painters of morphed images that appear in his work to show one’s relationship with the earth.
Daryl Chang  each piece aspires to capture something special; perhaps a happy feeling reminiscent of a personal experience.
Richard Charlebois Pictorial Marquetry Artist, uses veneer to illustrate his compassion and respect for wildlife and nature’s awe-inspiring beauty.
Clement Cheng paints what his mind sees and senses, not what his eyes see .
Anna Clarey vibrant colour in large urban and rural landscapes and floral studies.
Athanasia Susie Colomvakos is a painter and currently prefer to work in acrylic, oil or mixed medium.
Debbie Cook  painter of abstract impressionistic art with organic flow of nature.
Robert Boast Cornish watercolour painter with many scenes of ships, harbours, cityscapes and florals.
Jerome Coulas painter who’s technique and subject matter evolve in response to the multi-faceted complexities of his environments.
Brenda Crawford  Basket weaver creates baskets, each with personality, for everymood and occasion.
Gary Crawford abstract paintings quote” Everything is out there for you to see &ldots;&ldots;&ldots;.you just have to touch it”
Jacqueline Crawley painter covers a wide diversity of subjects in realistic, conceptual and abstract paintings based on truths and dualities. 
Lisa Cripps paints landscapes, nudes, flowers, street scenes, seascapes, pastoral and abstract art in acrylic.

Michael Dauda  intrinsic influences best understood in artistic impressions painting and photographs of life’s diversitiy
Beryl Dawson paints vibrant and realistic paintings from her travels throughout Canada and other countries around the world.
Alfredo DeCurtis  paintings evoke a semblance of mystery and intrigue and resemble wall frescoes, sometimes reminiscent of Pompeian antiquity.
Beverly Dejong is a mixed media painter and sculptor creating metal sculpture, art jewellery and mixed media wall reliefs.
Shirley deLang paintings are created through her experiences in life with nature, walking in the country or on city side walks.
Ruth Devor sculptor says, “Breathing life into magnificent stone from around the world has always been a very spiritual and humbling experience”
Corrina DiLella paintings of people in action and countryside landscapes.
Susan Dykstra photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of the northern Canadian landscape.

Jon Embree  to this sculptor, "Sculpture is Man's struggle to reconcile his primitive brain with his civilizing philosophy".
Sue Ennis produces muted abstract paintings that come alive with feeling after asking,  "Why?"
Sharon Erlichman murals and paintings in acrylic are, “About the strength of colour and their emotional connection to themes of renewal and re-emergence”
Naomi Rae Estreicher colourful abstract paintings, created in a intuitive way, representing animals and environmental issues.
Myra Evans creates clown paintings to brighten up any room, from a bedroom to a hospital.

Dianne Feaver oil on canvas landscapes express the many seasonal moods of the Georgian Bay region.
Ray Ferris applies mathematics and, by extension, computer technology in his creation of painted art.
Jane Fick  paints realistic art in painting in oil, watercolour and acrylic.
Sandra Franke paintings are affected by her teaching in architecture and her subsequent transition to the world of the painter .
Katerina Fretwell paints wildly loose abstract watercolour landscapes.

Robert Galikowski  portrait painter of famous people emphasizing their energy & sometimes a subvert to their message.
Monicca Geder produces semi abstract impressionist impasto oil on canvas landscapes and florals.
Carol Gerrett painter uses ‘outside the line’ technique with intriguing texturing on material, such as masa paper, canvas; flowers and free-flowing landscapes.
Claudio Ghirardo  paintings both old and new are in my Neo-Humanism phase of work in paintings and drawings
Roger Golden sculpts light weight, life-size figures usually made from burlap and cement
Terry Golletz is a painter who retired from teaching in 2001 to pursue my love of art and music.
Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba  produces sculptures and paintings with the human form and movement as the primary subjects.
Alain Guillou photographer creates a body of abstract works, which can be viewed as puzzeles, through colour, line, and shade using real-life locations.

Patricia Haftar art covers a range of subject matter mostly landscapes, especially places in the Niagara Peninsula where she lives.
Lisa Harpell painter and sculptor who works in acrylics, oils, watercolour and stone sculptures; also teaches all art to all ages.  
Ruth Hartman  "My drawings/photographs search the present moment; my paintings search for moments past."
Irenka Hassoun paintings are exuberant in color and the combination of brush work with the palette knife is pleasantly effective.
Birte Hella  'My recent paintings of florals and landscapes are affirmations within primal patterns, acknowledgements of transience, personal totems marking time.'
Hilda Hildahinojosa  portraits of special people with a feeling of personality and ... with a Picasso influence.
Jennifer Hinrichs is a realistic painter of people in action and landscapes with a impressionistic infuence.
Thomas Hirsz makes large paintings of landscapes in oils of places in Ontario that recapture one's youth.
Shirley Hokke is known as a painter of ‘Rock Formations’.
Gillian Horgan photography, whether landscape or urban image, is a way of seeing that delights the mind and nourishes the spirit.
Nandor Horthy is a full time professional fine artist for more than forty five years and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists.
Gabrielle Fischer Horvath studies human form in bronze with a flair for movement and poise; she created a bust of boxing great, Jake LaMotta of "Raging Bull" fame.
Gigi Horvath paintings in acrylic of abstract landscapes in black and white.
Kay Hubbard
Irene Hung makes acrylic paintings on canvas using  mixed media, collage, mono print, watercolour, chinese inks.
Douglas Hunt watercolour painting scenes "North of Superior" since 2005, are his attempt to capture the spirit of the north shore of Lake Superior.


Ron Ivany

Nick Janzen abstract paintings with loose paint style, movement and bold colours
Dr. Chandi Jayawardena DPhil work is the outcome of inspirations from his travels to nearly 100 countries and it features free-flowing, sensual curves.
Roxanne Jervis paints impressionistic landscapes in: oils solely with a palette knife; in watercolour and pen & ink; and, in acrylic.
JohDan is a soapstone artist whose sculpting masterpieces include bears, eagles, turtles and inukshuks.
David Bruce Johnson  wood and stone sculptor whose creativity and technical prowess made him is a winner of numerous awards and competitions
Michelle Josephi abstract paintings with loose themes based on landscapes and florals.

Nadine K is a Wildlife-Equine Artist, painting true-to-life in acrylic or pen & ink. Part proceeds of sales benefit Wildlife-Equine Sanctuaries.
Ann Katz  spontaneous artist with an inherent love for colour and shape, painting mainly in oil and fluid acrylic.
Ron Katz with his love of wood his woodturning has created bowls and plates in many patterns and shapes.
Celeste Keller a figurative painter who focuses on the connections between the figure and the space that surrounds it, especially in the portrayal of ‘urban moments’.
Aleisha R Kelly potter and abstract painter.
Lynda Kelly  paintings of musicians you can almost hear the music
David Kempton digital artist using his photographs to develop landscapes and feed his fascination of trees.
Jennifer Kerr paints fruits and vegetable on canvas and t-shirts - living art.
Scott Kish uses his knowledge of applied anatomy and biomechanics to capture the synergy of movement, energy and emotion of the subject in his paintings.
Yuri Ko pet paintings, prints, collages, murals and mosaics to educate, beautify, inspire, and establish historical value for various locations.
Valeria Kouznetsova is an artistic doll-maker using sculpting and moulding, costume-making, hair-styling and decorative painting.

Lesha Kokosky paintings with texture and design in oil, watercolour using mixed media designs
Gail LaCasse draws local flora and fauna in pen and ink and combines with pastels, acrylics and watercolour.
Mia Lane detailed acrylic paintings of animals, especially dogs, stem from careful study and years of observation.
Karin Lapins combines comic-book appeal with a post-impressionist palette: a Dick Tracy-meets-Toulouse-Lautreec sensibility.
Rami Lasman love for natural scenic surroundings such as landscapes, waterfalls and the sea, gives him the inspiration for his paintings.
Diana Lee produces Scratchboard art, a form of direct etching using a sharp, pointed tool to scratch out an image from white porcelain sprayed with black ink. 
Alina Lloyd paintings, using pallet knives and odd brushes, serve as a visual record of the artist and what it feels like to have these experiences.
Edwin Longueville is a potter and teacher of pottery who invests much of his time training the next generation of potters.
Claudette Losier explores the concept of Paradise as something sought after by modern society; her search centres on gardens near and far.
Kim Lowes is a photographer who has photographed many species of birds, wildlife and special cultural events throughout many countries in the world.
Leslie Luxemburger is a creative painter and photographer artist, illustrator and musician.

Sophie Maisonneuve paints using different shapes and incorporates them in her ideas and works with very vivid colors, the primary ones are her favourites.
Soudabeh Majidi draws and paints with different materials to create texture and variety in the portraits, still life and landscapes that she so enjoys creating.
Ana Emilia Matei is a Toronto-based Canadian artist whose works include iconography, mural painting, abstract and figurative painting.
Camille Martin is a collage artist and poet whose work is about startling juxtaposition of images.
Brian Mayer art defies category as he works in many mediums; painting with brushes, palette knives or his my hands; drawing with ink, pastels, charcoals or graphite.
Quin McColgan is a painter and photographer.
Susan McDonald works in a variety of areas including felting, wire sculpture and furniture, photography and jewelry.
Renata McGinn combines her passion for science, with her gift for painting works inspired by looking at Greek words and human cells 
Diane McGrath is a fine art and murals painter who also finds some time to be a teacher, choreographer, ariel performer and costume designer.
Eileen Menzel abstract painter who uses a variety of styles to reflect the different “dialogues” within each painting as a method of keeping each wall’s ‘story' in focus.
Jane Mikas paints from life memories, exploring the never ending un-manicured ravines and forests of Toronto .
Eileen Millen has joined the ranks of artists who are no longer alive.
Sheila  Mitchell specialises in painting landscapes in abstract realism – in a sense, her art is "all about trees"
Christine Montague paints beautiful, realistic oil paintings on canvas: portraiture oil paintings, figurative landscape oil paintings & other representational original art.
Micheline Montgomery paints everywhere and on almost every-thing; Buddhas, angels, nurses, moms and children are recurrent themes.
Renata K. Mosaique glass and mosaic artist who designs 3-D glass bowls and sculptures in vivid colour with imagitive shape.

Sue Nelson watercolour and acrylic painter painting scenes of northern Ontario in a mystical style.
Ulla Nystrom abstract painter who develops paintings that have bold and vivid strokes and colour.

Laurie O'Reilly figurative work that speaks to time and place in a unique manner; develops her work with the sensibilities of a "Visual Anthropologist'.
Leona Ottenheimer  portrait painters specialising in creating paintings of children in pastel.

Rod Paget landscape painter of industrial settings, bridges, beach scenes in impressionistic style.
Blake Peterson  visual artist of Canadian landscape and abroad; also performance poet, filmmaker and actor
Debara Power paints miniatures of animals, birds and still life.
Linda Priolo paints Chinese style landscapes

Edith Dora Rey is a a Swiss/Canadian artist labouring diligently to make meaningful art in Montreal, Quebec.
Jackie Ramo  tile painter, clay, her work focuses on representational and abstract forms.
Kari Reynolds sculptor whose specialty is creating portrait busts, masks and reliefs.
Mohsen (Mo) Rifaat painter, watercolour renderings ranging from buildings and structures to still life and lanscapes
Amy Roger “Tree of Life” paintings - each is an exploration of composition and colour, featuring unique texture, pattern and light reflection.
Seonoid Ross paints iconic images - cypresses, field stone, wild flowers - and infuses them with new life. 
Erwin Rummel has emphasis on classical compositional rules and he evokes both realism and impressionism in his canvases.
Valerie Russell specializes in landscapes in the frozen north (of Canada).

Alice  Sawicki  produces landscape paintings of northern Ontario in watercolour.
Willy Schenk  is a stone and metal sculptor.
Mara Schiavetto uses heavy layers of paint in her abstract paintings which are sculpted, scratched and scribed to give the surface visual impact.
Gabor Schultz  produces landscape paintings with the use of thick paint for vivid effect.
Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba is an artist whose artist whose painting orients image within collage.
Amy Shackleton paints in range of styles; representation/abstraction, urban/rural, gloss/matte and design/spontaneity to accentuate the plurality of cityscapes.
Nina Shah love color contrasts and textures and creates oil paintings on abstract, nature, landscapes, seascapes,astronomy and other subjects.
Apama Shahrzad paintinga release an explosion of self-expression using layers and layers of color and by experimenting with different and unconventional media
Lois Shaw paints in oil and pastel with subjects ranging from landscapes and cityscapes to still life to animal portraits.
Keith Sheppard sculpts in plaster and is currently exploring the universe that binds us through the mask.
Tyna Silver produces figurative and landscape works with a whimsical aspect.
Stephen Snider specialises in pet portraits and cityscapes.
Anna Sobot uses digital art in her quest to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Tony Stapells sculpts in clay, lead, stone, wood, stained glass and coloured transparent fiberglass; currently creating solid cast bronze sculptures from molded wax.
Gordon Stuart paints relistic landscapes in bold, colourful transparent watercolours, most include snow and/or water.
Brenda Sullivan creates teapots that Alice in Wonderland would covet.

Carmen Tam  photographs people and pets in extraordinary settings.
Christopher Taylor is a fine artist photographer who uses drawing with photographic manipulation.
Sheila Thompson uses wool, silk and natural found objects to reimagine and convey the complex texture and colour of the surface of the land.
Gwen Tooth is an abstract painter with training in the classics and over 40 years experience as a painter.
Michael Toole is a photographer who uses nature to celebrate the landscapes around us.
Annette Twist photographer whose work includes documenting family pets and gardens to capturing images with an artistic perspective.

Eugene Vandal
Julia Van Dine potter, captures the rhythm, texture, feeling and mood of her subjects by employing her flare for vivid colour to create form, shape, texture and design.
Pat Vicari  landscape painter in watercolour who specializes in studies on frogs.
Adina Vomisescu  mixed media painter with an acute desire to find and express the deeper dimension of our feelings, moods and thoughts.

Laura Warburton paints large wild paintings with feeling and movement
Renate Wesley paints landscapes and florals in watercolours and oils.
Patricia Whittingham is an abstract multi media painter who uses nature, memory, identity and the urban environment to develop her works.
Carole Woodward is a painter who works in watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and oils.
Monte Wright is an international artist who constantly innovates using mixed-media and a dynamic exploration of the world around him.
Tim Wun works with opposing elements such as light/dark values,warm/cool colour temperatures, sharp/blurred brushwork, thick/thin texture.

Yuni Ko has studied art internationall and moved from Korea initially to Vancouver, then Richmond Hill, Ontario where she became inspired by Canadian nature.

Steven Zhang works in charcoal and graphite to reflect his images.
Doug Zest is a painter painter who takes cues from familiar surroundings, the steamy summers, rich patinas of aged surfaces in the country and the mystery of colour.


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